This was the first song I ever wrote back in my early 20's. Returning to it again recently I thought the melody was worth keeping but the words seemed amateurish so I re-wrote the song completely. I come from a small town in the North of England that was famous for producing cotton during late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the derelict cotton mills still stand today. My birthplace was also famous for its Black Puddings but Pudding Town didn't sound quite so catchy :)

Capo 2
D                           A
Days would go by
G                        A
Roaming the mills in their empty halls.
D                         A
Restless we’d pry
G                          A                                 D
Deep in the shade of those derelict walls.
Blessed as we grew
G                                         A
Blind to the past and its harsh renown
D                                A
When all that we knew
G                                        A                       D
Was once a cotton town, a cotton town.
As manhood drew near
I lifted my eyes and saw worlds unknown.
It all seemed so clear
This place was too small for the boy who’d grown.
Searching for peace
I’d run to the mills with their silent surrounds
And plot my release
From that cotton town, that cotton town.
G                     D                                          A                         A
Learning to part was a start on this journey I’ve made
G                     D                                          A                     A
A distance of years disappears, now it can’t be repaid.
In my mind’s eye
Rain lingers idly on Holcombe Moor.
I ask myself: why
The faults of my past should have leave to endure?
The boyhood I spurned
Was my sacrifice to a prideful crown.
It’s time I returned
To that cotton town, that cotton town.