I don't write many love songs. It doesn't interest me as much as other subjects. But I've had the idea for this song for many years - an old, faithful love that two people find again after a rocky patch.

Counting the hours to early light
I can’t keep my mind from my thoughts.
                                   Am                               D             
The well-practiced lies, my failings reprised.
So sleepless, I scour familiar ground
Toiling through worthless remorse
                                   Am                               D           D7  
But time can’t erase, mistakes that I’ve made.
Lost in shame I bend and burn
Hearing her name, awake, she softly turns
                        Am   C                            G
There in the shade, choices are made
                                  C                                                                 G
And she takes my hand, a sweet moment, she understands
                          C                               D                 C                D                                  G
Constant and kind, patience entwined, she finds that old, that old, faithful love.
Sifting the past I bring to mind
The night I came home to the truth.
Her message was short, we needed to talk.
Waiting alone, a darkened room
An aching disdain marks her face
Explain my way out? I’m left in no doubt.
Lost in pain her anger burns
Hearing my name, in hate, a corner turned
In words sharp and soft, I learn what I’ve lost.
Bm                  Am                                  G    Em    D     D7
The devil you know, the wiser you grow.