Like a small handful of other songs on the album, I wrote 'Rain Came Down' about twenty years ago. Some of the others have undergone major changes in the intervening period, but apart from a title change and a tweak to the lyrics 'Rain Came Down' has remained largely unscathed.

Capo 4

A                                         E
Do you remember the race in the night?
A                                                E
Running from nowhere our faces alight.
A                                               E                                A                   E
Chilled to the bone just to be all alone as we sang to the dawn.

And do you remember the reasons we’d fight?
Evenings in darkness and who’ll change the light?
Make up in time to be in bed at nine as we sang, to the dawn.

                  D      A       E
And the rain came down,
                  D      A       E
On the cold grey town,
                  D      A       E
Like and old man’s frown,
                  D      E       A
And the rain came down.

One day in September our hopes fell apart.
You with your new love and me with my heart.
I try to forget every breathless duet as we sang to the dawn.