The end of a chapter or the start of a new one?

As I put the finishing touches to this website and await delivery of my newly pressed album CDs, it's tempting to think of this as the end of a journey. It began a couple of years ago when I resumed song-writing again (after a 20-year hiatus). Writing lyrics, messing around on my guitar to come up with sounds, fine-tuning tempos, practising, practising, practising, finding a producer, the whole recording process, designing the album cover and finally arranging production - and in between all that I became a father! But no. That was the warm-up. I've just reached the starting line. Now I need to do justice to all the hard work I (and a few notable others) have done. It's time to get my music out there! Gigs, radio, music stores, reviewers, social media. It's a journey I'm looking forward to as I do any journey into the unknown. And you, dear reader, may follow me on that journey if you so wish..... watch this space.

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